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6 Digit 7-segment Timer (BuildLog)

This is a simple build log for a timer display I built for soldering practice and 7-segment display controller understanding. I got this kit from You might notice a lot of my early gadget 'build log' projects were based around display drivers like 7-segment configurations. This is because, for some reason, I am obsessed with display technologies. From Nixie to LED to VFD to LCD to CRT to Plasma to DLP to... well, you get the picture- I just love stuff that shows humans the stuff that a computer is doing in a way that's useful or entertaining to them.

NOTE: This is one of my legacy projects that shows just the finished product, as I'm building this site out to document projects I completed in the past, but moving forward now that I have this site, I'm going to be working on walkthroughs that go step by step. All my 'legacy projects' that I only have the finished products of without walkthrough, will be notated with "(BuildLog)" in the titles.

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