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Early Gaming Desktop Buildlog (Highschool, ~2005)

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

This desktop was one I was really proud of at the time. So much so I posted it Techpowerup to their 'Case Mod Gallery' (here: back then, and it's still there to this day. I'd been building PC's since 7th grade and this was, I believe, about 10th/11th grade so I'd have about 4 desktops under my belt by this point and this was really focused on looking as cool as I could make it (for a nerdy highschooler). I took the pictures with a Sony Cybershot digital camera, I think like barely 1MP, and clearly either didn't know how to focus it or the resolution was just that awful at the time... but here's the gallery.

The description on the site explains it all, but I'm just going to copy+paste it here for posterity's sake. Those 80mm panel fans were amazing, they had a green LED array that made really awesome patterns.

The absolute best hardware I wish manufacturers still made though, was the RAM (in the 3rd pic below). It actually had live load LED's that told you how heavily the RAM was being utilized. They were the Corsair XMS pro series (below). Such awesome sticks. Seems like actually knowing what your PC's doing is going the way of the dodo now though, because most PC's don't even come with HDD lights anymore... let alone stuff like this. The last generation of these sticks were the XMS2 (for DDR2) last relevant well over 10 years ago by now.


System Specs: Athlon XP 3200+ at 4000+ (2.46ghz 448mhz fsb/RAM)w/92mm tornado and Swiftech heatsink, Leadtek A400 6800GT flashed to Ultra at 445mhz/1.18ghz SOON at Ultra Extreme Edition speeds, 1gb Corsair XMS Pro 5-2-2-2.5 (9-3-3-2.5 w/OC) PC3200 RAM (w/LEDs) Dual Channel, 160gb RAID 0 Western Digital SATA hard drives 7200rpm (2x 80gb), Abit NF7-S2 Motherboard with Nforce 2 Ultra 400, 9 (2 PCI) case fans (all 32-38cfm w/blue LEDs, Built for overclocking)

Performed Mods:Flashed 6800GT to Ultra, built PC from ground-up (except the case) double-ceiling fans (glued together), installed VF700Cu on my old card that was in there (9800 Pro), overclocked everything to highest stable clocks, Swiftech heatsink on CPU which can get me 2.5ghz (456mhz fsb/ram, from 2.2ghz 400mhz fsb/ram.) stable.

I scored 12,900 in 3DMark 03 with 2.42ghz CPU and 6800 Ultra speed (but not BIOS). I also beat a record with my old 9800 Pro, I was the highest score in 3dmark 03 with an Athlon XP and 9800 Pro. I'll try and get higher next time, after the flash, and at higher speeds with both the CPU and full speed on the 6800, and I'll try 3DMark 05. The side fans have 5 LEDs that make patterns when they spin. I've also got an "underglow" kind of thing going, one of those "laser" lights on the bottom of the case, you can kind of see it in 2 of those pictures.

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