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Focus Lens Upgrade for HTI-19 Thermal Gun (BuildLog)

*Coming Soon*

A 3D print that allows you to focus an HTI-19 thermal gun much closer to make out details and heat signatures in electronic components (or anything else), at closer than 2" now. Without the lens, 2" is the minimum focal distance, making component identification much harder.

The design is originally by user 'BunnyScience' on Thingiverse, here:

This was printed on a stock Creality Ender 3 Pro running Marlin 2.0.x Bugfix (built 11-28-2019).

NOTE: This is one of my legacy projects that shows just the finished product, as I'm building this site out to document projects I completed in the past, but moving forward now that I have this site, I'm going to be working on walkthroughs that go step by step. All my 'legacy projects' that I only have the finished products of without walkthrough, will be notated with "(BuildLog)" in the titles.

Before Picture (above) at roughly 2" from a powered on Arduino

After Picture (above) at roughly 2" from a powered on Arduino

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