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Macs for Coding...

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

I found the Mac to be a nice, isolated, clean environment to program in... but in all honesty, I've been trying to get into Mac use for years now, deep diving into Unix architectures and trying to program and animate on these things... but I have to say, Mac OS is really just not my thing. I got my Macbook specifically for Swift coding and iOS app development, and I do use bootcamp for when I head to a shared workspace I rent and need to run my Windows stuff. From a quality standpoint, how lightweight and rigid it is, I love it for that vs my normal Windows laptops for work and home. But every time I work on a project on my Mac, I get through it feeling good... and then scoot over 5 feet away to my main Windows PC and import/work on code from there for some reason or another, and it all just works so much more fluidly. Maybe I'll never understand what the hype is about Macs, I've been in IT for 14 years and have seen coworkers swear on them for networking, administration, development, schooling, and I've tried almost my entire career to use and understand them for what they're worth. Still unimpressed. But maybe one day I'll break some barrier that shows me why Mac OS is superior in some way.

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